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About Landmarks, Inc.

In 1965, a small group of preservation-minded citizens founded Landmarks, Inc. in an attempt to save Omaha's historic Post Office from demolition. Omaha lost the building, but gained a preservation organization. Landmarks, Inc. existed before the National Register of Historic places was created, and is the oldest preservation non-profit organization in Nebraska.

Since 1965, Landmarks, Inc. has succeeded in putting preservation into action in Omaha. Landmarks has been an active participant in preserving structures including: historic Union Station, Orpheum Tower, former Astro Theatre, Joslyn Castle, Dundee Theatre, and the Rail Commerce District. Landmarks also helped establish Omaha's Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission and preservation ordinances. In addition, Landmarks has raised preservation awareness through special events and publications including the popular Omaha City Architecture, and Building for the Ages. Today, Landmarks, Inc. continues to play a vital role in urban revitalization as Omaha's preservation advocate.

Our Mission

Landmarks Inc., a private non-profit organization, exists to serve as the advocate for the preservation of Omaha’s historic environment.